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Nirmala Raniga is discussing  and  about  And  at The 

🎙Nirmala Raniga is discussing #Opioids and #WhatYouNeedToKnow about #UseAbuseAddiction And #Treatment at The #CalgaryHealthShow18

🗣DESCRIPTION: P ublic Health Agency of Canada found an estimated 2,458 people died of opioid overdoses in 2016 and of this number, 922 were from BC. This year the number of overdose deaths in BC alone is expected to be over 1400. Join Nirmala Raniga as she discusses what are opioids including fentanyl, understanding opioid addiction, effects of opioids, withdrawal from opioids, preventing overdose and treatment for opioid addiction. It is possible to stop the addictive cycle of opioids and other forms of addiction, by addressing the deeper issues of the harmful behaviour by healing our emotions – by bringing attention to our mind and body and seeking to develop more nurturing, self–empowering behaviors and perspectives.

👤BIO: Founder of @chopratreatment, Nirmala Raniga has an extensive background in helping people from all walks of life and helping them deal with addiction, addictive behaviors, depression, anxiety and PTSD.
Drawing on her more than 28 years experience, skills and commitment, her approach is to treat everyone with respect, dignity, care and compassion. She is a Chopra Certified educator of Primordial Sound Meditation, Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga and Perfect Health Ayurvedic Lifestyle. She is passionate about sharing timeless wisdom tools for mind-body health, deeper life fulfilment and emotional healing.
Nirmala has made appearances for television, radio and live events internationally. She is the host of weekly show, Journey of Healing which airs on JoyTV. The show provides practical information and tools to help address depression, anxiety, and stress. To date, she has released two meditation albums, The Divine Healing Mantra, and Meditation: An Introduction.

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