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Tawnya Ritco, RHN is discussing how to  with the  at The 

🎙Tawnya Ritco, RHN is discussing how to #ReduceSickDays with the #StrengthOfImmunityOptimization at The #CalgaryHealthShow18

🗣DESCRIPTION: When it comes to companies and families operating in the real world, sick days can throw the best professionals and most dedicated parents into disarray through lost productivity and quality family time. That’s the focus of “Reducing Sick Days on the Strength of Immunity Optimization”, an engaging presentation by RHN Tawnya Ritco of PURICA. Tawnya shows how immune systems can be optimized naturally to help combat colds, flus, fever, cough and sore throat — all among the most common culprits in the modern sick day. She’ll also speak to new advances in remedies that work to curtail the symptoms of the common cold and other infections. Tawnya will also share how digestive health is key to a optimal immunity and why a balanced immune system is particularly important given the rise of allergies, autoimmune diseases and other sensitivities. The talk will detail how the PURICA suite of immunity formulations — including Immune 7, Complete 360 and Prevent and Prevail — work to make a difference for you and your family and even your colleagues at work.

👤BIO: @tawnyaritco is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist who was first inspired to explore the relationship between nutrition and overall health more than 20 years ago. Challenged by the quest to improve her own health and find solutions to other health issues within her family, she focused on supplementation as part of a proactive approach to good health. A strong advocate of a balanced, integrative approach to health, Tawnya’s core interests include stress management and optimizing immunity. She represents PURICA, a complete wellness company, as Director of Education. As a new mother, her passion for plant-based, whole-food nutrition has only increased, especially around natural supplements designed to enhance immunity for family members of all ages.

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